Message from the Chairs

We're Hiring!

Harvard WIT+ seeks an intern who will work directly with the Harvard WIT+ co-chairs to provide a wide range of administrative assistance for our monthly events, website and monthly digest, and our mentoring program. The intern will work both independently and in collaboration with Harvard WIT+ staff volunteers from across the university. Interested candidates should...

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Honoring Juneteenth 2020

As Harvard University closes today to commemorate Juneteenth, we want to share resources and collectively recognize the history of this day. As a community, we celebrate and acknowledge the historical fight towards slavery abolition led by Black activists and we continue the fight towards Black liberation in this country.

Our colleagues from the ...

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In Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

HarvardWIT + Allies stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter activists and leaders. We condemn these acts of violence that have taken the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless others who have died at the hands of police brutality and state violence.

We recognize that anti-Black violence and the existing trauma that surrounds these events is a daily reality for Black folks in our community. White people and non-Black people of color have to do the work to address our anti-Blackness at all times. As a community, we pledge to unequivocally and...

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HarvardWIT+ Community Agreements

These community agreements guide HarvardWIT+ events and discussions, and we ask all participants to keep these agreements in mind when engaging at our events.

Why we use "agreements" vs. "norms": We use the term "agreements" intentionally because “norms” makes assumptions about what we consider to be appropriate and not appropriate, and then also leads one to think about, who’s normal are you using? At HarvardWIT+, we want to be intentional about making these decisions as a community and to ensure that this is a living document that will actively...

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