Interested in finding ways to make your voice heard in the future?

In our “ally actions” for this month, we encourage you to consider the ways in which we can all get involved in civic engagement after the election. We also want to share resources on how to manage anxiety-related election stress in the workplace and beyond.

  1. Consider talking to your families and children about politics

Usable Knowledge from the Graduate School of Education have published "The Tools for Civic Engagement and Empowerment" to support educators, families, and young people with the tools they need to learn, act, and lead. The New York Times have also created a “Teach and Learn in the Election” resource for teachers and students.

2. Address the ongoing political climate in your teams

Michelle Kim from "Awaken" published an excellent post on how managers can address political trauma and burnout during these difficult times.

3.Take care of yourself and your team!

If you or your colleagues re feeling overwhelmed and searching for ways to cope with post-election stress, you might want to take advantage of some of the resources below:

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