Past Events

  • 2020 Nov 19


    5:00pm to 7:00pm



    Although we have witnessed an unprecedented uprising of citizens in the fight for social justice through these past months, many of you may continue to wonder ‘what is it that I can do, and how can I do it?’ The William Monroe Trotter Collaborative for Social Justice will hold a nonviolent direct-action teach-in entitled ‘The Good Trouble Lab,’ in which participants will receive training on how to engage in nonviolent direct action, and moreover, how students can leverage their position and voice to effect real change. The session will examine how students across the globe and at Harvard...

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  • 2020 Nov 19

    The Impact of 2020 on Higher Education: Colleges, COVID-19, and a Time of Racial Reckoning

    4:00pm to 5:00pm


    Zoom meeting

    How should universities respond to the many crises facing our nation and our students today? COVID-19, protests for racial justice, and structural inequality all directly affect student populations, with disproportionate impact on communities of color and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Speakers on this panel will discuss the challenges faced by students today, the role of university presidents and leadership during turbulent times, and the ethical costs of upward mobility in higher education. Join us to explore how higher education can and should rise to the...

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  • 2020 Nov 19

    The ARiA program

    12:00pm to 1:30pm



    The ARiA program series is set to take place over 5 months from August 2020 to January 2021. Each month we will focus on one part of the 5-part framework. At the beginning of each month there will be a kick-off webinar explaining ARiA, defining the topic for the month, and providing instructions for how to enroll in the month’s breakout sessions. These webinars will be recorded and uploaded, along with transcripts, to the event pages linked below. The rest of month will be used to discuss the topic more deeply in small facilitator-led group discussions. 

    Once group...

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  • 2020 Nov 18

    Antiracism in Higher Education: A Conversation with Ibram X. Kendi




    Join for a discussion about antiracism in higher education with Ibram X. Kendi, the award-winning author of the New York Times bestseller How to Be an Antiracist (One World, 2019). Kendi, currently the Frances B. Cashin Fellow at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, will be joined in conversation by Radcliffe Institute Dean Tomiko Brown-Nagin and Harvard College Dean Rakesh Khurana, after which they will explore questions posed by current Harvard College students.

    Learn more and register here: ...

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  • 2020 Nov 18

    Vigilare: Visible Justice and the Active Image




    As a curator and writer focusing on the photographic image, Max Houghton intends to make visible the racist and patriarchal forcefields that surrounded and shaped the birth of photography, and to notice the ways in which they prevail, many of which have been brought into sharp focus by the current pandemic. The role of the image in determining personhood has a long and violent history; technologies of surveillance have shaped who is seen, how, and by whom. Through the process best described as visuality, certain bodies have been broken, brutalized, ignored, or rendered invisible....

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  • 2020 Nov 18

    URC Fall Brown Bag Series: Hosting Accessible Remote Meetings

    12:00pm to 1:00pm



    When meetings and events are held remotely, digital accessibility is important to ensure that all attendees, including people with disabilities, are able to participate and engage with content at the same time, with the same ease of use. With a little pre-planning, event hosts can structure an inclusive and functional environment for all participants.

    Learn more and register here: https://...

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  • 2020 Nov 16


    Mon - Fri, Nov 16 to Nov 20, 5:50pm - 5:50pm



    We have a lot to fix as we enter 2021, our democracy, systemic racism, police brutality, a global pandemic, our climate and so much more.

    To prepare for the work ahead, we must supply our leaders with the necessary tools. And we need your voice and your guidance during this pivotal moment in our global history to do just that. Join 30,000 techies and leaders November 16th – 20th as we take on these obstacles together, and get to work. We will spend 5 days enhancing our leadership skills, our technical skills as well as ways we can do better as global citizens.


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  • 2020 Nov 16

    Self Advocacy Fireside Chat with Paulita David

    3:30pm to 4:30pm



    Self Advocacy Fireside Chat with Paulita David, Founder and CEO PD Strategies

    Summary: 2020 has accelerated the shift to online & remote working for many professionals. This new way of interacting has come with challenges to be heard and to advocate for oneself. Please join us as we chat with Paulita David to discuss how self advocacy has changed and hear what are the new challenges and...

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  • 2020 Nov 13

    Addressing Microaggressions at Work

    Repeats every week every Friday, 2 times .
    10:30am to 12:30pm


    Zoom Event

    In this session, you will learn about what microaggressions are and how they negatively impact individuals and teams. You will examine the differences between intention and impact and learn key strategies for addressing microaggressions in ways that foster shared understanding and growth. You will leave with actionable steps that you can begin to immediately apply.

    Audience: This class is intended for Harvard staff, faculty, postdocs and affiliates
    Pre-Requisites: None
    Cost: None
    Late Drop/Cancel Fee: None

    Please contact with any...

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