Age Discrimination in IT - Confronting Behaviors that Marginalize Employees of Any Age with Christie Struckman


Monday, October 26, 2020, 3:30pm to 4:30pm



An inclusive environment requires equal treatment of everyone. Yet, day to day, seemingly small actions can collectively and progressively create a scenario where people feel marginalized. All employees can help break unconscious habits by confronting behaviors that leave some members feeling their contributions are not valued or respected. But confronting those behaviors is uncomfortable. This session provides an easy to follow process for confrontation that anyone can do, independent of their role in the organization.



About the speaker

Christie Struckman covers the complex challenges of organizational change and business transformation with a focus on the people perspective. Her areas of focus include culture change, organizational change, the role of the CIO, leadership and management practices. Ms. Struckman is a member of Gartner's Leadership, Culture and People team in the CIO Research group.


If you or a guest with disabilities have questions about access or anticipate needing accommodations, email in advance of the meeting. Closed Captioning available upon request.

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