She+ Geeks Out Virtual Job Fair!


Friday, April 24, 2020, 12:00pm to 6:00pm

We are thrilled to announce our She+ Geeks Out Virtual Job Fair! We’re using a platform called vFairs to bring direct (but not, like, coronavirus direct) access to incredible companies that want to hire smart, kind, funny, delightful womxn who get sh*t done.



  • How are you choosing employers and candidates? We want to be sure this is a meaningful experience for everyone on all sides, which is why we’ve set up an application system for both recruiters and applicants. Both will complete an application which will ask what jobs/people they’re looking for. We’ll review all applications and will choose roles with the highest numbers of applicants and companies. For example, if we have 10+ companies interested in hiring software engineers and 20+ applicants who are in that field, the recruiting event will be focused on that job type and we’ll ask companies and applicants to attend. We’re also asking applicants to include their experience level as well, so we’ll do the best we can to make sure we have a mix based on the needs of companies.
  • Can men attend as recruiters? Yes!


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