Staff Profiles

HarvardWIT will be highlighting women working in tech at Harvard starting with our Task Force on Diversity & Inclusivity. Please email us to submit a profile for you or someone else.

HarvardWIT Task Force on Diversity and Inclusivity:

Alexis StokesI joined Harvard in August 2017 as a fellow in the Administrative Fellowship Program. I currently serve as the Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Launch Senior Manager for the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Being a member of Women in Technology has allowed me to work with a dynamic group of women on a topic that is not only a passion of mine but central to my work at Harvard and the success of the Harvard community.

-- Alexis Stokes, Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Launch Senior Manager (SEAS Communications)


Judit FloBack in college there were no words like "mansplaining" to explain what being a woman in IT would be like. After years and different experiences, learning about the WIT group and the Task Force was so encouraging that I decided it was time for me to do something about it and be part of the solution.

-- Judit Flo, Senior Systems Architect (SEAS)



donna tremonteI have been working at Harvard for 13 years, first as a botanist in a lab, then as an app developer and programmer, and now as an IT Lead for service and education at the Harvard Kennedy School. I founded HarvardWIT in 2013 and it has been a great way to network and meet other amazing women working in STEM at Harvard.

-- Donna Tremonte, IT Service Delivery Lead (HKS)


Radhika KhetaniMy formal training is as a biologist, but I have been involved in informatics and analysis of "big data" for the last 9 years. I've been in my current position at HSPH for over 3 years. At the school, I am part of the Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core wherein I direct the bioinformatics training program, and consult with biologists on analysis of DNA sequencing data. I got involved with Harvard WiT in 2016 and it has been an amazing experience; I have learned a lot about the broad technology landscape within academia, and met some fantastic, and like-minded people.

-- Radhika Khetani, Training Director at Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core (HSPH)

Elizabeth Clark

For the past five years, I’ve worked in IT at the Harvard Business School. My areas of responsibility include academic and administrative technologies, project and portfolio management, quality assurance, business operations and communication. Harvard Women in Technology has allowed me to meet many talented women across the Harvard network, broadening my perspective on both the work we do in IT, and ways to energize conversations on diversity and inclusion in the field.  

-- Elizabeth Clark, Co-Executive Director, HBS IT

Sandy Silk

Prior to joining Harvard, I worked in various information security risk management positions and led security education and outreach programs at Fidelity Investments, Bose Corporation, and Wellington Management Company. They all had “WIT” programs, but HarvardWIT is unique and powerful. There’s a positive energy and inclusiveness in the group that makes us want to work together and achieve more for everyone’s benefit.

-Sandy Silk, Director, HUIT Security Education & Consulting

Melissa LuciusAs women in IT, we face unique challenges. It’s great to be able to come together with other women across Harvard to raise awareness and come up with tangible solutions.

-Melissa Lucius, Senior Human Resources Program Manager, HUIT



Annie RotaI've spent my career at the intersection of technology and education, and in 13 years at Harvard I've really come to appreciate the value of networks like WIT in supporting and strengthening professional and leadership development.

-- Annie Rota, Director of Academic Technology for the FAS HUIT Academic Technology Services


Anisha AsundiThe WIT Taskforce allows me to connect with women in tech at Harvard who are passionate about advancing diversity and inclusion at our institution. Sharing the research that I work on at the Women and Public Policy Program at HKS on gender and tech, as well as learning about my colleagues’ experiences and tactics to level the playing field, has been invaluable in our mission to build an inclusive culture in tech at Harvard. 

- Anisha Asundi, Research Fellow: Gender Specialist, Women and Public Policy Program, HKS

Miriam Leigh

I have worked at Harvard Law for five years, but prior to that had careers in publishing and library science. WIT has allowed me to more confidently assert myself as an IT professional, and has given me the opportunity to meet talented colleagues across the university. I am excited to be part of the WIT Task Force, helping to make concrete changes in the Harvard IT community.

-- Miriam Leigh, Information Systems Manager, Faculty Affairs Office of Academic Affairs, Harvard Law School


Deirdre Schreiber

I joined Harvard in 2015 as Program Manager for Harvard’s IT Academy.  I have always been passionate about learning and development and have worked in organizational training for over 10 years.  My role within the IT Academy is to help Harvard IT professionals develop the skills they need to be engaged and successful at work.  I see my involvement in as one of the WIT Co-Chairs as another way to strengthen our community, encourage life-long learning, and keep employees engaged.  I really enjoy the network I’ve built through WIT and am continuously inspired by the efforts of all of its members. It is wonderful to see so many empowered women, speaking their minds, and making a difference to improve the way we all interact with each other.  

-- Deirdre Schrieber, Senior IT Academy Training Program Manager HUIT


Suzanne Dossous-Verdier

I’ve been working at Harvard for 17 years, most of my career at Harvard Divinity School and now currently with HUIT Support Services in the role of Desktop Support Manager.  In my years in IT, I’ve observed noticed there’s room for improvement when it comes to diversity. So when I was introduced to HarvardWIT, I knew it would be a great opportunity to work alongside like-minded colleagues to work towards this goal.

-- Suzanne F. Dossous-Verdier, Desktop Support Manager (HUIT)



Staff Profiles

Donna Sweeney I joined Harvard IT in February of 2007 as a Technical Engineer for HUIT. I started out at Radcliffe supporting the fellows, and as years went on I currently support buildings within Central Admin and FAS. I currently work out of 114 Mount Auburn. Being a member of Women in Technology has allowed me to work with an exceptional group of women and be part of a very inspirational group that are also helping me explore a passion of mine that will also be detriment