Harvard Women In Technology + Allies

The ABCD-Women in Technology + Allies (HarvardWIT+) group meets informally as a chance to encourage, collaborate, and discuss our experiences as marginalized genders in technology at Harvard, and support and foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. All gender identities are welcome. We have invited speakers, training sessions, and round table discussions on a monthly basis. Check out our calendar for meeting times, topics and location. Follow us on Twitter, @harvardwit, and join our Slack group https://harvardwit.slack.com/signup. Also, check out our new group in the Training Portal!

If you would like to give a talk or request a topic, email us! If you have a Harvard email address and would like to join our email list, register here.

Co-chairs: Donna Tremonte (@donnatremonte), Deirdre Schreiber, Elizabeth Clark
Group Email: abcd-wit@abcd.harvard.edu

HarvardWIT Task Force supports a welcoming and inclusive environment for IT professionals across the University. The Task Force was formed in 2017 to promote diversity and inclusivity with specific efforts focused on recruitment, retention, and advancement.

The HarvardWIT Allies are a group of committed employees who do not identify as women, who strive to improve gender equality and overall inclusivity in the workplace. We welcome all gender identities.

Harvard University's ABCD Committee is an informal, University-wide association promoting communication and collaboration on technology-related topics across organizational boundaries.

Upcoming Events

2019 Sep 16

HarvardWIT+ September Meeting - Alexis Stokes

3:30pm to 5:00pm


Lamont Library Forum Room

Who: Dr. Alexis Stokes, Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (SEAS Communications)

Title: Creating an Inclusive Culture: It Takes More than a Diversity Officer

Summary: Research states for diversity efforts to be successful it must start with leadership. However, leadership’s efforts can sometimes be perceived as disingenuous. Grass roots efforts by students and staff can quickly gain momentum but sometimes get lost in the shuffle due to staff turnover and students graduating. In recent years, many...

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