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We aim to develop an IT community at Harvard that is committed to increasing representation, retention, and advancement of marginalized genders. We achieve this mission through education and awareness, community building, and career development.

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Alice Nkom’s Birthday - January 14th

Alice Nkom is a Cameroonian lawyer, well known for her advocacy towards decriminalization of homosexuality in Cameroon. At the age of 24, she was the first black French-speaking woman called to the bar in Cameroon. Nkom's most famous case was in 2005 when she defended a group of men who were arrested during a raid of a gay bar in the Cameroon capital city. The men were in prison for a year however in 2006 the UN's working group on Arbitrary Detention reviewed the case and criticized Cameroon for arresting the men because of their sexuality.

No Name-Calling Week - Every third week of January: January 16-20, 2023

No Name-Calling Week is observed during the third week of January to educate students, teachers, and the public on the harms of name-calling. This year, it takes place from January 16 to 20. People have been called unpleasant names for their weight, height, intelligence, sexual orientation, and others things they have little or no control over. While some consider name-calling harmless fun, victims of such names generally feel insecure, ashamed, and bullied, to extents that cause them to lose their self-esteem, feel unwanted in their immediate environments, and suffer emotional distress. Name-calling inflicts psychological injuries on victims and forces some of them into seclusion or to consider suicide.

February: Black History Month

February is Black History Month! This annual month-long celebration is an opportunity to celebrate and remember that Black history is American history, Black culture is American culture, and Black stories matter.

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