HarvardWIT+ Community Agreements

These community agreements guide HarvardWIT+ events and discussions, and we ask all participants to keep these agreements in mind when engaging at our events.

Why we use "agreements" vs. "norms": We use the term "agreements" intentionally because “norms” makes assumptions about what we consider to be appropriate and not appropriate, and then also leads one to think about, who’s normal are you using? At HarvardWIT+, we want to be intentional about making these decisions as a community and to ensure that this is a living document that will actively incorporate feedback from all of you.  

If you have any other suggestions to be added to our community agreements, please email us at harvardwit@abcd.harvard.edu. Please feel free to use and/or share, we just ask that you credit WIT+ and link back to this webpage. 

Icon of a speech bubble with the word "oops!" in itUse the oops/ouch method to address and acknowledge offensive language and discomfort if/when it comes up

Icon of a person's head with several connections into it and a gearBe open to learning and engage with new ideas

Icon of a lockConfidentiality - take the lessons, leave the details

Image of a stopwatchW.A.I.T.—Why Am I Talking?

Icon of a space astronautMake Space, Take Space to help balance the perspectives in the room

Icon of a person with a blackboard conducting a presentation Assume best intent; understand and attend to impact

Icon of woman with glasses and suitWe are NOT all experts – we are all learning together