WIT+ December Event Resources with Lauren Chambers, ACLU MA

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend our December event with Lauren Chambers. The Technology for Liberty Project at the ACLU of Massachusetts employs legal and legislative advocacy to promote synergy between new technology and civil rights. Broadly, this mission includes (1) advocating against “bad” tech in government, (2) advising on technology policy, and (3) using tech and data responsibly for social & political advocacy. As the Staff Technologist at ACLU-MA, Lauren outlined some of our recent and ongoing efforts to advocate for responsible technology in the era of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter, including their statewide campaign to #PressPause on government use of biometric surveillance technologies; their coalition-building efforts to inform algorithmic decision-making in government contexts; and the Data for Justice initiative, which uses interactive data visualizations and quantitative analysis to inform citizens about the effects of legislation and political leadership.

We're sharing a few resources from Lauren's talk below.

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